Why Futbolasta?

Vintage ball and shoes

Futbolasta will be the first online auction platform and the only option in all of the Americas for getting real, unique items from their own heritage and legacy of futbol.

For that instance, Futbolasta will put their company logistics in order to bring the opportunity of getting stuff directly from professional football players, football associations, referees, professional clubs, cities, corporations and private entities related to futbol.

Futbolasta will place emphasis on giving futbol fans the opportunity to acquire and sell unique memorabilia and collectibles from the most significant leagues of the America and Europe.

Professional Leagues such as Major League Soccer (MLS), the North American Soccer League (NASL), the Canadian League, the League of Mexico, the CONCACAF Leagues, the Venezuelan league, the Colombian League, the League of Ecuador, the Peruvian league, the League of Chile, the Brazilian League, the League of Argentina, the League of Uruguay, and all of the Conmebol leagues.

Futbolasta will honor and auction memorabilia from the most important players and legends from the Americas, players who have played and flourish in all professional leagues around Europe and the world.

Futbolasta will provide real collectibles from the biggest tournaments such as World Cup, Copa América, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericanas, Super Copa, Recopa, the CONCACAF Champions League, European Tournaments and all National Team appearances.

Futbolasta will specialize in bringing to auction America's World Cup host country memorabilia, such as that of the 1930 Uruguay FIFA World Cup, the 1970-86 Mexico FIFA World Cups, the 1994 United States FIFA World Cup, the 1994 Argentina FIFA World Cup, the 1962 Chile FIFA World Cup, and the 1950-2014 Brazil FIFA World Cups.

Futbolasta will bring perspective, know how, and expertise into your collecting experience, so that you will have access to all kinds of memorabilia and collectibles to feed your needs.